Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life... When You Wear Vintage Fashion!

Happy Holidays Time Bombers! Last evening while watching It's a Wonderful Life my heart was aching not only for George Bailey but also because of the beautiful vintage fashion. I have collected the best images of the costumes that were available and shared them with you. Take a look and feel the inspiration! Personally, I wish George had married Violet, got out of that old town, and headed out in the world with glitz and glamor! 

Happy Holidays Time Bombers! 

If you have never seen It's a Wonderful Life the link for the movie is below

Mary and George dance at the end of the year dance. Mary's dress is amazing and I love how dashing George looks! 

Sam's wife in a fur and beautiful hat! Makes me want to put a brooch on my ski hat! 

I included this picture because I love the collar on Mary's dress. 

Violet is my favorite character! Her hat here is unbelievable! I hope to one day wear one just like it! 

If I owned this dress I would wear it 24/7! Not to mention the gloves and bag are positively perfect! 

Mary's dress again is very pretty.

I love how put together Mary looks. I wish I was that polished.

Again Violet steals the scene! This blazer's detailing is simply gorgeous! 

You can see the blazer's sleeves here, how perfect! 

Here is a colored picture of Mary's collar. I just love the fine detail.

I am a huge fan of three piece suits and George's in the movie is beautiful, unfortunately this was the best image I could find. It was tweed and built perfect. Isn't Jimmy Stewart dapper!

Here is a link to the full movie in color. I hope you love it!

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