Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage Valentine's Lingerie

Miss Ruth's Time Bomb just added some beautiful pieces of vintage lingerie on their Etsy Store.We thought we would share the collection with you here. A special thanks to our fabulous model Hope Adela!

This White Lace piece makes vintage lingerie dreams come true!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Images of The Time Bomb

I took some pictures of items in the Time Bomb today and I thought I would share with our World Wide Time Bombers! I hope you enjoy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ode to Euzine

If you've ever had the pleasure to stroll into Miss Ruth's Time Bomb on a Thursday then you may have met the one-and-only Euzine. Euzine is the Grand Time Bomber that tends to the store on Thursdays. I first met her when she asked me over to her astounding apartment to buy some vintage pieces. She informed me she was changing and wanted to revamp her style, getting rid of old pieces was the first step in the process. I became completely enamored and knew I needed her to be a part of the Time Bomb world. Since our initial meeting Euzine has influenced my style and life. One of the most fashionable woman I have ever met, it is no surprise that she is a faithful subscriber to Vogue and has just renewed her subscription for the next two years. We share a love for movies and our conversations about films are some of my favorites. I can only dream that one day my own home could be a fragment of hers, and I am determined to live my life with the gusto that she has lived hers! Euzine should be celebrated and known by all. But don't take my word for it, stop in on a Thursday between 12-4 and decide for yourself.

Euzine and her Granddaughter

Euzine and Peanut

Euzine's sitting room

The Entrance Into Euzine's Home

Euzine's Secret Garden
Euzine's Secret Garden

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent an Inspiration!

Below is the Yves Saint Laurent 2011 Spring Fashion Show. Enjoy!

I don't truly follow high fashion. While I love to peruse the pictures in Vogue and Teen Vogue, I generally have absolutely no idea who made what and why it is so expensive. However, there is one particular design house that seems to grab me and that is Yves Saint Laurent(YSL). Whenever a glossy fashion picture totally captures my attention and I turn to the small print to discover who the artist is, usually it's no surprise to find the credit going to YSL.
The video I attached is from the YSL Spring 2011 Show. One sure indicator of the fashion future is the re-emersion of the platform shoe. For me this is thrilling, due to my 71 inch height.

The below dress is absolutely one of my favorites. I will be certainly keeping my eye out for its vintage equivalent and instead of sacrificing it to Miss Ruth's Time Bomb I will be keeping it for myself! Okay, Okay I will also keep my eyes open for my Time Bombers too, but me first!

In this next piece I absolutely love that it is sheer and patterned! I find vintage pieces like this and always think they will sell right away and for some reason they seem to stick around. Maybe this spring, with the release of this show, that will change. In my imagination they always look best with a contrasting slip underneath them, because clearly in the real world we can't walk around with our nipples out!
And finally, I've included this cat suit simply because I find these all the time and never put them on the store floor because it seems that they never sell and I end up giving them away because someone tries them on for fun, looks great, and I just want to see it go away. I think I will begin to post them on the Etsy Store and see what the world wide web of Time Bombers think. Look for them soon!
Good night for now Time Bombers! Let me know what you thought of the video and look for the vintage versions of these pieces soon at the Time Bomb!

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