Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Happens at a Tattoo Convention?

Greetings Time Bombers! Miss Ruth's Time Bomb recently spent a weekend vending at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention. What a way to spend a few days! Many people want to know what the scene of a tattoo convention is like and I guess it really depends on the show. If you never ventured to one before, I recommend conventions hosted by Tattoo Kingpin . These shows have lots of entertainment, a mind boggling number of tattoo artists, cool venders, celebrities, tattoo contests, fine art, and educational seminars. 
One of my favorite things to do at a convention is to fashion spot! There are so many incredibly stylish folks running about. I love the futuristic look of Candi KaBoom and all the other vintage looks. 
This is just one shot to attempt to show the sheer number of people who attended the show. It was wall-to wall people for three days straight. Crazy! 
Certainly if a person was considering becoming a tattoo artist they should attend a tattoo convention. For one thing, you need to know the competition is fierce and over flowing. You may also find some of the seminars helpful and a great source of information.  The seminars available at the 2012 convention included, Blood Borne Pathogens Training, Lettering Seminar, Microdermals, Basics of Acrylic Painting, Portfolio Reviews, Virtues of an Artist, and A Comprehensive Look at tattooing. Some of these seminars had a fee associated with them and some of them were included in the price of entry. In addition to meeting artist, seeing there work, and taking classes, you could also buy tattooing supplies from companies like Technical Tattoo Supply.  No doubt about it if you're an aspiring tattoo artist, you need to attend a tattoo convention. 

Another reason many people race to tattoo conventions is for the celebrity sightings. Amy Nicoletto from LA Ink, Megan Massacre from NY Ink, Chris Torres of NY Ink, Permanant Mark from Spike TV, and other celebrities simply just stopped by throughout the weekend. One celebrity, Jessica from NY Ink, stopped by and chatted at our booth. She wasn't there for any other reason then to just hang out.  You just never know who you'll bump into! 

Here are some pictures of the celebrities I spotted while working at the show. Jessica from NY Ink, Philadelphia Eddie, The Enigma, and Gumby! 
One of my favorite parts of some tattoo conventions is when they include Side Shows. With their fire eating, sword swallowing, blade cutting, and feats of great strengths, one can't help to be amazed and entertained! The Side Show tropes that performed at the convention were, Penguin Boy and Baron, Olde City SIdeshow, and The Enigma and Serana Rose. In addition to Side Shows, there was many burlesque acts and even a pin-up contest. 
Here is The Enigma and Serana Rose performing. I love that Serana Rose eats fire! She is one awesome little lady. 

Here are the lovely young finalist in the Pinup Contest. I believe the girl in the black lace dress actually won the contest. The picture is not the best, but it does show how adorable the pinups were. 
There was a burlesque show nightly. 
Tattoo contests are one of the staples of the tattoo convention activities.  This convention hosted a Tattoo of the Day for each day of the show and a general Tattoo Contest on Saturday and Sunday. This gives individuals a chance to be photographed by magazines and throw attention and accolades onto the artist. 

Then there are the after parties. The official after parties for the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention happened at Troc. Where bands like DisGraceLandD Hook Squad and Murphy's Law played. This was of course followed by the Pretty Poison Burlesque show! I am sure the Sailor Jerry poured freely there, however this tired young lady was in bed and resting up to work another 13 hour day on the tattoo convention floor.

Perhaps the sweetest part of the tattoo convention was the non-profit animal rescue groups. They used the venue as a place to raise awareness, money, and love for foster dogs. One of Miss Ruth's Time Bomb's favorite group of dog loving girls are Pinups for Pitbulls. these ladies deck themselves out in pinup attire and fund education against discrimination against Pit Bull-type dogs, and Bully Breeds. They are currently hosting a model search for their 2013 Pinup for Pitbulls Calendar! If you're a pinup looking gal with a love for Bully Breeds check out www.pinupsforpitbulls.org. 

Oh, and probably the best reason to go to a tattoo convention is to get tattooed! Artist from around the world set up shop at the convention. My suggestion is to get on the tattoo conventions website early and look up the artist that will be working the show. If you like their work and want to be tattooed by them, shoot them an email and set an appointment up prior to the show. Be sure to find out how much the piece will cost and come with cash and enough to tip! 

I couldn't resist getting into the spirit of the convention and having the lovely Chelsea Rhea tattoo a peanut behind my ear. Peanut has been my nickname for a long time and I have often thought of getting a peanut tattooed behind my ear. I was surprised that it didn't hurt anywhere near as much as I anticipated it would, I was so tired from the show, I almost fell a sleep! Chelsea Rhea has a beautiful tattoo shop, Amulet in St. Pettersburg, Florida. If you live in the area or travel through it, be sure to check out this talented lady.

. One of the best booths at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention was Martha Rotten. Martha Rotten is the brain child of Francine, pictured above. She apprenticed at swarovski crystals, before forging out on her own and making some of the most original jewelry I have ever seen. Many of her designs are originally casted out of animal bones! 

Speaking of people you will meet all kinds of them. The first guy shown above is Horror Show Jack. A very nice man who makes custom fangs. I do not know the man in the middle but could not resist taking his picture. Could you? Finally, there is Nico a very nice boy and his super sweet puppy Frankenstein. We loved up Frankenstein whenever we got the chance.
From hair extensions to art prints, there is something for everyone! 
Customers shopping at Miss Ruth's Time Bomb. We had a blast Philadelphia! See you next year!

All in all it's a great place to spend a day or a weekend.  Miss Ruth's Time Bomb's next tattoo convention will be in Baltimore from May 11-13th at the Baltimore Convention Center! See you there! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hungry for the Fashion of the Hunger Games

As mentioned in our newsletter we've been enjoying the audio books of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy. I have been living in the dream world she has created for over a week. I adore her heroin Katniss Everdeen. Rarely in pop culture do we get awesome, strong, brave female leads. However, the males in the story are interesting and leave their own impressions, but one of our favorite subplots to the story is the fashion! In each book there is lovely delicious descriptions of unique fashions. From cocktail dresses that look like they're on fire to a wedding dress that transforms into a smoldering bird. In fact fashion is such a focus of the series that they created a website dedicated to it, Capitol Couture. The first movie from the series opens on March 23rd and limited images are surfacing. I wanted to share some of these with our Time Bombers so you can be inspired by the fashionable subplot too!

Check out the official trailer

Katniss with Gale hunting in the woods. The boots are what I think stand out here

Here we see the futuristic over-the-top awesome look of Effie and the beautiful vintage-ish look of Katniss. The dress looks like it could be from the 1940s 

This is a picture of Effie from the fashion website for the Hunger Games, Capitol Couture 

China Glaze is making a line of nail polishes inspired by the series

Here both Peeta and Katniess are dressed in their suits worn for their chariot ride through the Capitol. 

Here Katniss has just finished her interview. There is some criticism about the portrayal of this dress. It is nothing like described in the book. In the book it is all jewels that appear to be on fire. Who knows maybe they are trying to trick us and in the movie the dress will be breathtaking! 

Here are shots of the clothing she wears in the Hunger Games. In the preview they show a great shot of a pair of boots that are pretty awesome 

Still haven't caught Hunger Game fever! Order them and today! 

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