Wednesday, July 18, 2012

That's so Etsy!

This past Saturday I was talking with some of my girlfriends and we laughed at how Etsy has become such a phenomenon that its now used as both an adjective and a verb! Here is an example of each...
  •  This scarf is very etsy. (adjective)
  •  I am totally going to etsy these salt-n-pepper shakers. (verb)
So I thought I would share this realization and showcase some of Miss Ruth's Time Bomb's favorite Etsy stores. However, don't forget to check out our store first and be sure to use the coupon code "timebomber" to save 15% off your purchase. 

Of course we would include us first. 

Did you know that Mode Merr sold select items on Etsy? 

I really love her photos and the pieces are awesome too! 

Stellah has great 1970s looking pieces.

This is my neighbor's shop! She has the cutest Grey Hound doggies. 

Great vintage can be found here. 

This is one of our favorite Time Bomb models. She is also a girl genius at making jewelry! 

Our cutie dog Sanuk actually has this great collar! These are amazing:) 

You can see all of our favorite pages here!