Friday, January 7, 2011

Ode to Euzine

If you've ever had the pleasure to stroll into Miss Ruth's Time Bomb on a Thursday then you may have met the one-and-only Euzine. Euzine is the Grand Time Bomber that tends to the store on Thursdays. I first met her when she asked me over to her astounding apartment to buy some vintage pieces. She informed me she was changing and wanted to revamp her style, getting rid of old pieces was the first step in the process. I became completely enamored and knew I needed her to be a part of the Time Bomb world. Since our initial meeting Euzine has influenced my style and life. One of the most fashionable woman I have ever met, it is no surprise that she is a faithful subscriber to Vogue and has just renewed her subscription for the next two years. We share a love for movies and our conversations about films are some of my favorites. I can only dream that one day my own home could be a fragment of hers, and I am determined to live my life with the gusto that she has lived hers! Euzine should be celebrated and known by all. But don't take my word for it, stop in on a Thursday between 12-4 and decide for yourself.

Euzine and her Granddaughter

Euzine and Peanut

Euzine's sitting room

The Entrance Into Euzine's Home

Euzine's Secret Garden
Euzine's Secret Garden


  1. wow! what a living space! hard not to be inspired by that and the garden. what an awesome lady ^_^

  2. Thanks for sharing...what an inspiration!!! I want to be her granddaughter...what a ride!