Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Story of a Life through Belt Buckles

Recently I acquired several belt buckles from the same single source. As I was posting them on our Etsy Store I thought about who the person was that owned these buckles. Occasionally, when someone's possessions is all that is left of them, I try to imagine the story of their lives. What life story do you draw from these pieces?

Vintage 1970s Belt Buckle Ford Motor Company MVP

Vintage 1977 Belt Buckle Ducks Landing in a Pond Brass Plated

Vintage 1970s Belt Buckle Raleigh Lights Semi Truck

Vintage Shriners Belt Buckle 3D Mens Pewter Alloy Belt Buckle 1976 Very Rare

Vintage 1978 Teamster Belt Buckle Polished Brass

Vintage Kenny Rogers Buckle 1979 Brass Like

Vintage Belt Buckle GEHL SHOWDOWN 1976 Bergamot Brass

Vintage World's Fair Belt Buckle 1982 Knoxville, Tennessee Hipster

Vintage 1970s Belt Buckle 18 Wheel Semi Truck Brass Buckle

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