Monday, December 13, 2010

For the Love of Holiday Vintage

It happens, once a year we break out our prized vintage treasures and treat ourselves to a night out in these delicious pieces. We smile while the candle light catches the sequence in a fantastic 1980s sweater. Our friends compliment us on the way we accessorized a 1970s silver and black maxi, and we bask in the attention that an elegant green 1960s cocktail dress brings. We know exactly what we're doing when we head our the door, we're letting the world see us shine in our vintage best.This holiday may all my Time Bombers shine like the brightest star on top of the tree and fill rooms with their spirited style! We thank you and look forward to another year of dressing the most awesome fashion minded people in the world the Time Bombers!

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  1. it was so much fun shooting this, sarah! =)