Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Time Bomb Experience

Hello Time Bombers! Miss Ruth' s Time Bomb is finally beginning a blog. The purpose of our blog is to share the Time Bomb experience, conversations, and love of vintage with you. Not everyone can make their way to our brick and mortar store or attend our famous Stitch-N-Bitches on Tuesday nights, but with our blog you can be a part of the continuing dialog that is Miss Ruth's Time Bomb!
The Time Bomb is not simply about buying vintage clothing, but an overall experience. The feeling you get when you find a piece that appears to have been made just for you, the feel of that metal zipper closing perfectly over your body or the disappointment in the realization that the dress you love, simply doesn't love you back. The squeals from girlfriends who approve whole heartedly of your new find and the annoyance when a friend simply doesn't get it. These experiences are tangible and real. From the moment we say hello to the time one of our customers leave, we share something and now we want to share that with you, our virtual Time Bombers!

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