Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Into the Color of the 1960s; A Look at Fall Fashion

Greetings Time Bombers. I have been researching and glancing through lots of fashion magazines trying to capture the look of fall 2011 fashion. I must say I am beyond excited. Thank goodness we can say goodbye to those awful dreary neutral shades that bombarded us during spring and summer. They're pretty, but they simply don't command a room's attention, and you're a Time Bomber, whole ballrooms explode when you enter!  However, that is all in our fashion past, because fall's colors rolled in like something off Picasso's paint pallet. I could best describes these hues by comparing them to the shades of fruit; tangerines, plums, pumpkins, apples, tomatoes, and a cornucopia of others. Its like a feast for the eyes.

Even more thrilling then the color pallet of fall fashion is the look. It appears to be very 1960s. With big teased hair and beautiful mod makeup. I am telling you, I haven't been this inspired by current fashion trends in a long time. I want you to get charged-up too. So I have attached two videos, one to show you how to tease your hair without damage and another on how to get that great Raquel Welch make-up look of the late 1960s. In addition I have included pictures and links of items available at our Etsy Store that are the perfect shades for fall. I hope you enjoy!

Bright Blueberry!
This sweater top is currently available on our Etsy Store

Plum Loving!
This awesome 1970s Dress is currently available on our Etsy Store

Holy Tangerine!
This 1970s Dress is currently available on our Etsy Store.

Blueberry Blues!
This 1960s dress is currently available at our Etsy Store.

How to do your make-up like Raquel Welch! 

How to Tease Your Hair!

I can't wait to see Time Bombers wearing bright colors and big 
Go-Go Girl hair!!! See you then!

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