Friday, August 19, 2011

West Chester, a Vintage Lovers Delight!

Hey Time Bombers! Recently I visited my Aunt Shane in West Chester, PA. She has been asking me to spend the day shopping with her for an embarrassingly long time and I've always been to busy. However now that the store is closed for renovations I had the time to do a day trip! I had such a great time and wanted to share some of my favorite shops and stops! 

The first stop was Cottage Home. They describe themselves as having unique furnishings and vintage flair! What stood out to me the most about this adorable cottage was the amazing display! I dream of being as creative and careful as the mother/daughter team at the Cottage Home. Please if you are in the area check it out! Bring a truck and a shopping bag, because you will leave with both furniture and jewelry! 

Here the Cottage Home created a beautiful display with a set of vintage suit cases. They utilized color blocking in their displays throughout the store and the effect was lovely!

Forgive the poor photo here, which is again from the Cottage Home, I took it quickly with my Phone. They had the best wall of costume jewelry! I loved every piece! I was so inspired. I just can't wait to open our shop again! 

Next we traveled to Gay Street where we visited The Green Eyed Lady. While I must be honest, I wasn't impressed with their clothing, they carry new lines, but they did have an amazing amount of vintage jewelry! Careful, it is mixed with lots of new jewelry too. I would be sure to ask the sales clerk to make sure you're getting something that is truly vintage. While there you must check out their bakelite collection. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but I was overwhelmed and not thinking! The owner bought an entire bakelite collection that was once featured in a book. BEAUTIFUL!
Several bars, with vintage jewelry hanging on them. It was overwhelming!

 After visiting these two stores we took a break at Kiwi Yogurt. What fun! Here you pick your own yogurt flavor or combination of add the toppings and pay for it by weight. I believe it was .49 cents per ounce
Here is the wall of yogurt! They had thirty flavors. I mixed Cheese Cake with Strawberry, both were fat free. I added fresh strawberries and gram crackers. Yummy!

Then we went to my favorite stop all day! Malena's Vintage Boutique. I loved this place and the owner, Malena is amazing. She has been in business for eight years. What an inspiration, she opened the store when she was only 22-years-old. The store is filled with lovely vintage treats! It had some of the greatest evening wear I have ever seen in one spot. She also shared some valuable business tips with me. I truly loved this store and its owner!

Malena's is Open! 

My treat to myself at Malena's, Dog shoes. They're made of leather and beyond adorable. It was love at first sight!
 Finally, our last stop A Taste of Olive is a store dedicated to Extra Virgin Olive Oils and balsamic Vinegars on tap! They had a huge variety of blends, from earthy tasting to super spicy. I bought Dave the Herbs de Provence blend and it is delicious!

A Taste of Olive

In addition to all this, I thought I would also share a picture of Miss Ruth's new found talents, jewelry making! She treated these different scraps from old jewelry to make them all look old and even made the chain herself! Keep an eye out for when our store re-opens and we have Miss Ruth's new line of jewelry for sale! 

Thanks for reading and don't forget to shop Miss Ruth's Time Bomb online!


  1. Wow! Excited to see Ruth's jewels!! The charm bracelet is so romantic. Also, I believe you have plotted the course for my next out of town day trip! How fun!

  2. Yeah! There was so much cool stuff there, book stores, a brewery, a head shop, pretty awesome!

  3. wow, those dalmatian shoes are incredible although I'd feel a little bit like Cruella Deville wearing them, but she is pretty stylish so...

  4. I love them so much! My day job is an adolescent counselor and I have yet to wear them to my office, due to the fear that my kiddos will think I am essentially evil and secretly want to kill dogs! Thanks for reading my blog:)